Kevan Judge retires from the practice

After dedicating his working life to veterinary medicine and to helping thousands of animals over the years Kevan is now ready to start a new chapter in his life and has decided to retire. Kevan will be leaving behind a true community of staff, pets and clients which he has helped to build up after buying Shearbridge Vets 33 years ago.

After buying the practice in 1985 Kevan has forged many relationships, not just as a vet but as someone who many people trust and value and has touched so many lives both furry and human! We know saying goodbye to those he has cared for will not be easy and the partnership with Gordon, nor the other members of staff who have stood by his side for over 30 years including Janet, Kathy and Diane. So with an emotional good bye from all of us at the surgery we wish Kevan lots of luck and happiness.